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Tjoepit Samiadji

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Tjoepit Samiadji graduated from Universitas Diponegoro Semarang (UNDIP) for his Bachelor Degree of Accounting and now still studying at UNDIP for Master Degree of Accounting. He holds the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from Indonesian Institute of Public Accountant (IAPI). Samiadji now becomes the partner of KAP Sugeng Pamudji in Semarang since Mr. Sugeng Pamudji passed away in May 2015.

He began his career as a finance manager for a multinational company in Makasar. Then he joined at Registered Public Accountant Firm (KAP) Sugeng Pamudji in Semarang as an auditor. He has worked and spent a significant portion of his career at several companies for various jobs,position and responsibilities.

His technical background has been proved by a very valuable service to his clients. This is due to his prior experience to assist these clientsfor implementing the PSAK, performing the tax diagnostic review, providing advice related to the taxation issues (corporate matter as well as individual matter), reviewing the tax compliance (monthly and annual compliance) and assisting the clients in dealing with the tax audit. This broad array of attestation and non-attestation services has been a great evidence of his broader perspective in assisting and advising his clients.