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Excellent Operation and Growth With Us

IPG Kumalahadi

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Welcome to KKSP Pusat

Registered Public Accountants

Global Network – Member of IPG

International Practice Group (IPG) is international audit organization facilitating cooperation among accounting firms over the world in delivering services in auditing, taxation, and litigation to international clients. With this cooperation, allow member of IPG and its clients to run international business efficiently and effectively based on highest professional standard. IPG is non-profit association and its members include auditing firms, law firms and tax consultancy firms and other professionals which their dedication is to serve their international clients. As non – exclusive multinational association, today IPG has more than 110 members spread over 46 countries and a place to joint 2.500 professionals over the world. Audit Firm Kumalahadi, Kuncara, Sugeng Pamudji and Partner (KKSP) officially to become a member of IPG since 2016.


Audit firm KKSP as Head Office is based in Yogyakarta dan has five Branch Offices in Jakarta, Semarang, Bandung, Solo and Bekasi. Head Office of Audit firm KKSP (then we called IPG Kumalahadi) provide an audit service on financial statement based on IFRS (Financial Reporting Standard in Indonesia), Donor, Investigation/forensic, and serve multi-sector clients which include Government Organization, Non Government Organization (NGO Local and International), Middle level firms and Small level firms, and institution that get international grant. Other than Audit and assurance services, IPG Kumalahadi also provide non assurance services that include accounting services, management consultancy, taxation, litigation and others.


IPG Kumalahadi difers with other audit firms. The diferrence lies on quality and reasonable cost to get the service. To assure services quality we focus on human resources management. Then, to get reasonable cost we focus on efficiency and effectiveness the service we provide. Our staffs have been provided with the reasonable educations and experiences that we are able to assist our clients at any level of development of their bisnis cycles. All of Our staffs are from reputable colleges in Indonesia and we continually develop their knowledge internally and externally. Routinly, development of our staffs internally carried by providing internal discussion with the contemporer issues.  Then, development of our staffs externally by sending them to formal educations and to trainings classes which is professional continueing education; in providing services, we blend some staffs who own reasonable knowledge dan experience, so they become optimum tim to give our client a proper solution.


We assure that out client will get a trust to our institution by providing profession ethic to our staff, independence in their attitude and objective recommendations based on practical theories and experiences. Base of the assurance is base of our services, so that our services are expected to result eficientcy and effectiveness of client activities dan their growths.


Why Choose Us

There are four reasons to choose IPG Kumalahadi
  1. We are sure to do what we do;
  2. We have commitment to provide excelenct services;
  3. We are group of experience professional people who got certification;
  4. We have global network that commit to handle local and national client



We provide services to bisnises and non-profit institutions such as,

  1. International and local Non-profit institutions and Foundations;
  2. District-owned enterprises
  3. Banks
  4. Pension Fund
  5. Listed Enterprises
  6. Universities or colleges
  7. Cooperatives
  8. District-owned financial institutions
  9. Merchandising firms
  10. Hospital Institutions
  11. Travel Agent and Hotel
  12. Regional Governments on Behalf of Audit Board of Indonesia



We are

Member Of

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