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Public Accounting Firm of Kumalahadi, Kuncara, Sugeng Pamudji & Rekan ("KAP KKSP") was established on September 28, 2015 based on the approval of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 765/KM.1/2015 dated September 28, 2015. KAP KKSP is a merger of 3 individual KAPs namely KAP Kumalahadi, KAP Kuncara and KAP Sugeng Pamudji, each of which is domiciled in Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Semarang. KAP Kumalahadi and KAP Sugeng Pamudji have previously had more than 30 years of experience, and in order to keep up with the environment and professional duties, both KAPs have joined in January 2015 to become KAP Kumalahadi and Sugeng Pamudji under the approval of the Minister of Finance of the Republic Indonesia Number:KEP29/KM.1/2015 dated January 21, 2015. Subsequently, starting September 2015 KAP Kuncara began to join KAP Kumalahadi and Sugeng Pamudji and KAP's name changed to KAP Kumalahadi, Kuncara, Sugeng Pamudji and Partners ("KAP KKSP"). KAP KKSP is headquartered in Yogyakarta and has 2 branch offices located in Jakarta and Semarang. 

Licenses and Partnerships

KKSP Yogyakarta already has licenses from several official government institutions and the Banking Industry as follows:

  1. Letter mark registered Public Accounting Firm in the Supreme Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK RI) No: 269/STT/I/2016 dated January 13, 2016;
  2. Letter mark registered Public Accountant of Non-Bank Financial Industry from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) No: 064/NB.122/STTD-AP/2016 dated October 31, 2016;
  3. Letter mark registered Capital Market Supporting Professional from OJK No: 116/PM.22/STTD-AP/2017 dated January 12, 2017;
  4. Letter mark registered as Auditor of Bank from OJKNo: S-8/PB.122/ 2016 dated January 20, 2016;
  5. Letter mark registered as Auditor of Sharia Bank from OJK No: S-47/ PB.122/2016 dated March 26, 2016;
  6. Letter mark registered as Partner of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero), Tbk. Particularly in the field of Public Accountant Services for Classification B (work for debtor/debitor credit limits up to below Rp 100 billion) No: DSB.R07/ KAR-1381/2016 valid until June 22, 2019;
  7. Letter mark registered as Partner of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. In Yogyakarta Regional Office based on Certificate No: B-309-KW.VII​​/ADK/03/2017 dated January 1, 2017 and valid until December 31, 2017;
  8. Letter mark registered in the partner list of PT Perusahaan Pengelola Aset (Persero) for the type of public accountant services consultant No: STT-446/PPA/0817, dated 10 August 2017.