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Audit & Assurance

An audit services are not only performed about client’s financebut also considering business clients. Business indeed requires auditor andreviewer who understand industry, business strategy and business risk.This understanding is used as basis of audit.


Audits are performed in detailed as expected by management andengagement team who have commitment to do that.  The commitment is showedfrom varying aspects that IPG Kumalahadi plan and perform audit such as byallowing audit engagement team uses resources required efficiently and resultaudit services that have value added content. IPG Kumalahadi develops riskbased audit, primarily for small medium client class and gives services morethan they expected. IPG Kumalahadi understands that clients only need an auditreport. However we accompany the audit report with recommendation based onfindings related with the weakness to achieve the objective, so that we, basedon knowledge and experience, always provide assistance to achieve the success ofclient’s finance and operations. 



IPG Kumalahadi provides assurance services that include independentaudit services and attestation for public, private and government ownedinstitutions with varying industry. Each assignment team always has commitmentto provide high quality services or excellent services. All services based oncore values developed in IPG Kumalahadi to make sure the best services for ourclient. The team and its members have varying knowledge and experience with differentbackground required to each client. 

Review of Accounting Information Systems

Commencing and operate profitable and successful business is noteasy, especially when you consider all to implement using proper technology.Your accounting information system is important in business operation, so thatchoosing the proper system becomes the first important step. The second step is tostudy how value of the systems can provide financial information accurately andusefully.


Our review is to focus on accounting procedures that showinefficiency, then we give recommendation for improvement. Our team willcooperate with you to design and implement them untilthe systems operatefunctionally.


Review on accounting information system includes review forpreparation financial reporting that consists cost accounting systems,procurement systems, sales systems, cash receipt and disbursement systems,recording loans and receivables, payroll procedures, production procedures andits control (include control procedures for fraud). Recommendation that we givefocuses oncertainty that the recommendation can be implemented.



Management Consultancy

Our professional staffs have expertise to optimize business and formulize things have occurred, occurring, and will occur based on business information and problems faced by clients. Therefore, by management consultation you will:


(a) get relevant business information in corresponding with business decision you made,

(b) proactively identify problems immediately handled or planned to handle; and 

(c) have understanding about your business and business objective as basis to plan of the future activities.


The advantages by getting management consultation are as follows.


1. Clients are able to prepare the useful and timeliness financial and non-financial information reporting effectively and efficiently;
2. Clients are able to analyze financial and non-financial information based on business records and presented to you reasonably;
3. Clients are able to monitor and make projection about cash flows to keep your business moving continuously;
4. Clients get recommendation and the best support to priority their best interest;
5. Tax return and financial reporting have been finished already that maximize client’s interest;
6. Clients get access to analytical tools and template to analyze efficiently and effectively;
7. Clients get access to our network related to legal, financial and other commercial problems to support wider client’s interest;



Cooperation with us is relevant whether your business is remaining startup business or your business have developed at mature level. It includes when you have operation management problem, growth management problem, or fund rising problem.




Financial distress situation faced by client needs fast response by a person who have technical ability required. This condition may be caused by fraud or other business problems. To handle this problem, IPG Kumalahadi has team that its members have education and experience to review forensic problem, review debt restructuring and accomplish bankruptcy problem.


IPG Kumalahadi has understanding about what will we do when clienth as financial problems.  The role of IPG Kumalahadi is as soon as possible to overcome the problem by making valuation to operation and finance and to give fast solution to make sure financial distress does not get worse.


Work scope of debt restructuring is wide enough in correspondence with requirement that includes attempt to converse noncore assets to reduce liabilities, to make negotiation with creditors and shareholders to remedy financial distress solution often accompanied with leaders change and operation process changes that convince fund owner in reforming client firms to be more healthy.



Review of Internal Control

Today assessment of internal control is a priority for many clients. Standards of auditing requires comprehensive review of internal control. Furthermore, fraud and corruption publications nearly every day shows up in newspapers and in electronic media which then shows that it is increasingly important to review and improve internal control.


Professional staffs of IPG Kumalahadi have reasonable experience to make a review and assist client in documenting internal control, assess effectiveness and efficiency and assess the probability of any weaknesses ofinternal control that have adverse effect in achieving client production and maximum profit.


Process of reviewing internal control commenced with reviewing organization to identify the important area in client institution and relevant internal control in that area. The next step is to review segregation of duties that identify weakness of internal control such as uniting functions of recording, operation and custodian. 


The next step is to evaluate internal control in place. This evaluation is commenced after getting data from the interview with management and/or staffs of clients, visiting work location and observing the important jobs. Before commencing review of internal control, we discuss with management about approach used. 

After reviewing internal control, then we issue report of internal control review that shows findings and recommendations.




Did you plan your tax, finance and compliance to tax regulations? IPG Kumalahadi has tax and business consultant team who will assist you. Our objective is to maximize tax saving without breaking the tax regulation. When tax regulations are changed, the excellent tax consultancy team are needed. 


The success of IPG Kumalahadi as the trusted tax consultant is areason for our clients to point us providing taxation services for their security, profit achievement and tranquility.


IPG Kumalahadi offers tax consultation that has scopes of work: 

1. Planning and estimating tax
2. Estimating calculation of tax payment
3. Preparation and submit tax returns
4. Preparation and submit monthly tax return include VAT
5. Value added Tax consultation
6. The other taxation services

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