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Audit & Assurance

An audit services are not only performed about client’s financebut also considering business clients. Business indeed requires auditor andreviewer who understand industry, business strategy and business risk.This understanding is used as basis of audit.


Audits are performed in detailed as expected by management andengagement team who have commitment to do that.  The commitment is showedfrom varying aspects that IPG Kumalahadi plan and perform audit such as byallowing audit engagement team uses resources required efficiently and resultaudit services that have value added content. IPG Kumalahadi develops riskbased audit, primarily for small medium client class and gives services morethan they expected. IPG Kumalahadi understands that clients only need an auditreport. However we accompany the audit report with recommendation based onfindings related with the weakness to achieve the objective, so that we, basedon knowledge and experience, always provide assistance to achieve the success ofclient’s finance and operations. 



IPG Kumalahadi provides assurance services that include independentaudit services and attestation for public, private and government ownedinstitutions with varying industry. Each assignment team always has commitmentto provide high quality services or excellent services. All services based oncore values developed in IPG Kumalahadi to make sure the best services for ourclient. The team and its members have varying knowledge and experience with differentbackground required to each client. 

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