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Financial distress situation faced by client needs fast response by a person who have technical ability required. This condition may be caused by fraud or other business problems. To handle this problem, IPG Kumalahadi has team that its members have education and experience to review forensic problem, review debt restructuring and accomplish bankruptcy problem.


IPG Kumalahadi has understanding about what will we do when clienth as financial problems.  The role of IPG Kumalahadi is as soon as possible to overcome the problem by making valuation to operation and finance and to give fast solution to make sure financial distress does not get worse.


Work scope of debt restructuring is wide enough in correspondence with requirement that includes attempt to converse noncore assets to reduce liabilities, to make negotiation with creditors and shareholders to remedy financial distress solution often accompanied with leaders change and operation process changes that convince fund owner in reforming client firms to be more healthy.



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