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Review of Internal Control

Today assessment of internal control is a priority for many clients. Standards of auditing requires comprehensive review of internal control. Furthermore, fraud and corruption publications nearly every day shows up in newspapers and in electronic media which then shows that it is increasingly important to review and improve internal control.


Professional staffs of IPG Kumalahadi have reasonable experience to make a review and assist client in documenting internal control, assess effectiveness and efficiency and assess the probability of any weaknesses ofinternal control that have adverse effect in achieving client production and maximum profit.


Process of reviewing internal control commenced with reviewing organization to identify the important area in client institution and relevant internal control in that area. The next step is to review segregation of duties that identify weakness of internal control such as uniting functions of recording, operation and custodian. 


The next step is to evaluate internal control in place. This evaluation is commenced after getting data from the interview with management and/or staffs of clients, visiting work location and observing the important jobs. Before commencing review of internal control, we discuss with management about approach used. 

After reviewing internal control, then we issue report of internal control review that shows findings and recommendations.



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